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Guest Crews

PSRA Regattas are open to all Permanent and Associate members of the PSRA. Guest Crews are welcome to compete in three of the five Flick races but not the City Championships. A Guest Crew must:

  • Be a scholastic team with all its members from one school. Provide us with a roster signed by a principal or head of school saying all the rowers on your team attend the same school.
  • Provide the PSRA with waivers for each rower, a letter verifying swimming ability (see Swim Test Requirement), and a letter certifying lightweight status for those competing in lightweight events (see Lightweight Policy and Certification Form)
  • Enter via Regatta Central and pay applicable fees.

For more details, please see the PSRA Rule Book download. PSRA rules may differ than those on your home course or in your association. For example, we do not allow doubling up of rowers.

To compete as a Guest Crew, please send an email to phillyflicks@gmail.com or Leslife Pfeil at philasra@gmail.com.


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