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Traffic & Parking Advisory for May 6 & 7 City Championships

PSRA City Championships

Date Effective:  May 6, 2017 12:00 am

Location: Kelly Drive  Regatta Closure

There are important safety and security procedures regarding closure of the race course portion of Kelly Drive on May 6 & 7, 2017. The below regulations are in addition to the normal parking rules in effect during the Flicks.

SATURDAY MAY 6, 2017 – Racing begins at 12:30 pm

  • Temporary police regulation/traffic control will restrict parking/stopping/standing in the Grandstand Parking Lot and the St. Joe’s/Temple Boathouse Parking Lot from 12am through 6am on May 6, 2017.
  • On May 6, 2017, between the hours of 12:00 am and 6:00 am, the Philadelphia Police will patrol Kelly Drive and any vehicles/trailers  in these areas will be ordered to leave. Vehicles/trailers parked on the grass/sidewalk are illegally parked and may be cited. These vehicles/trailers will be ordered to leave. Any vehicle or trailer left unattended may be cited by the Philadelphia Police and towed by the Philadelphia Parking Authority.
  • PSRA will begin entry of vehicles after 7am upon full closure of the affected portion of Kelly Drive.
    • 7 – 8 am – Boat Trailers, Coaches with Coach passes, LOC, Launch Drivers, Referees, Staff. LOC and launch drivers must have passes. Boat trailers are NOT allowed to park in the lots Friday night or before 7 am. Staff will direct parking.
    • 8 – 9 am – Chuckwagons Only
    • 9 am – School buses, other pass holders, athlete and spectator drop off.
  • Parking passes have been distributed to teams. The number of passes for City Championship is less than the number issued for the Flicks series. Upon Entry, the pass is collected. No Re-Entry is permitted. There are TWO passes: One dated May 6 for Saturday and one dated May 7 for Sunday. You must have a May 6 pass to enter on Saturday; you must have a May 7 pass to enter on Sunday. A Saturday pass will not allow admission for Sunday and vice versa.
  • Marked school food trailers/chuck wagons and their tow vehicles entering in tandem DO NOT REQUIRE a parking pass for entry. Unmarked food trailers/chuck wagons and their tow vehicles entering in tandem require ONE [1] parking pass for entry. The tow vehicle must remain at the venue or have a parking pass for re-entry if traveling without the marked school food trailer/chuck wagon in tandem.
  • Boat trailer tow vehicles that choose to depart the venue after initial entry with their boat trailer will be permitted re-entry after 4:30PM without a parking pass. Re-Entry prior to 4:30PM will requires a parking or trailer pass.
  • School buses and vans transporting student-athletes do not require a parking pass but must park past the finish line on the east side of the drive beyond the road curvature. Parking in any other location is a violation of City parking regulations and subject to ticketing/towing by the Philadelphia Police and Philadelphia Parking Authority.
  • Recreation Vehicles are prohibited from parking at the PSRA City Championships in the Grandstand Parking Lot, SJU/Temple Parking Lot and along the Kelly Drive Closure.
  • Boat trailers, chuckwagons, and other vehicles may be left overnight Saturday into Sunday as the Drive will be closed overnight. We cannot guarantee security for chuckwagons, spectator vehicles and tents.


SUNDAY, MAY 7, 2017– Coaches meeting at 7:30 am, racing begins at 9 am.

  • PSRA will begin entry of vehicles after 6am upon full closure of the affected portion of Kelly Drive.
    • 6 – 7 am – Coaches with Coach passes, LOC, Launch Drivers, Referees, Staff. LOC and launch drivers must have passes.
    • 7 am – All other vehicles
  • Trailer and chuck wagon tow vehicles that leave at the end of Saturday’s racing, must have a May 7 pass to re-enter on Sunday. Boat trailer drivers may obtain a Trailer pass at the regatta if they do not have one already or may re-enter after 4:30 pm.
  • DO NOT:
    • Parallel park on the Drive – your vehicle will be towed.
    • Double park on the Drive or in the Grandstand lot – your vehicle will be towed.
    • Attempt to save spots with cones, chairs, bikes etc. Those will be removed.
    • Put your grills, tables etc. in the Grandstand lot.
    • Curse at, yell at, be belligerent with or touch parking volunteers and staff. You will be asked to leave. Be patient and courteous. You are going to a rowing race and a cookout, not the emergency room.
    • Be considerate and respectful of your neighbors. We all need to set a good example for our kids.
  • Schools that violate the temporary police regulation traffic control will be sanctioned BY PSRA.

Questions and concerns, contact Jeremy Gonzalez Ibrahim at jeremyibrahim@verizon.net.







1.   Traffic movement is in a one way direction from the entrance to the exit beyond the grandstands. Please do not attempt to park on the drive until it is closed by police.

2.   There is no in/out once past the entrance.  Parking passes are single entry & will be collected.

(parents with more than one rower have to decide how they want to use their single entry.)

3.   All parent food trailers require two (2) passes: one (1) for the tow vehicle and one (1) for the trailer. Parent food trailers that do not have a pass for the tow vehicle and the trailer will be directed to stage up the hill with general parking until a second pass arrives for the tow vehicle or the trailer.

4.   Reduced speed is in effect on the drive once past the entrance.

5.  Remote parking lots and shuttle service will begin with the second flick on March 26. The bus drivers are instructed to stop for drop off/pick-up whenever requested – so be sure your parents know where your parent tent is located for your parents convenience.

6. Golf carts are available to transport your food, cases of water etc. To your tent if you do not have a pass. We regret that our insurance policy does not allow us to take passengers in our golf carts.

7. Please park diagonally on the river side of the drive. Do not park on the grass. Do not save parking places. Do not move cones or park in areas restricted for officials, staff or handicapped vehicles.

8. Handicapped parking is available near the grandstand. A handicap vehicle must also have a PSRA pass to gain entrance to the regatta.

9. Boat trailers, school buses and vans do not need a pass to enter. Oversized vehicles such as buses and vans must park past the finish line/Columbia Bridge on the left side of the drive.

10. As the race day concludes, please begin the exit process. The police generally re-open the drive approximately one (1) hour after the final race. They will tow vehicles that remain parked on the drive when they re-open the drive for safety reaso

Detailed Parking Information and Parking and Traffic Maps


The Goals of PSRA’s parking system are two-fold

  1. Address the needs of the athletes, coaches, and families participating in PSRA sponsored regattas.
  2. Address the concerns of the Philadelphia Police Department and Fairmount Park Commission regarding legal parking and traffic jams on Kelly Drive.

A portion of the passes will be allocated to regatta staff, referees, and permanent volunteers (those who agree to volunteer EVERY week).

The remaining passes have been allocated to the PSRA permanent and associate member schools in proportion to the size of each program. Each program has been notified of the number of passes available to them. Parking Passes will be collected at the gate for one-time entrance. There is no longer in/out permission.

  • Diagonal Parking is permitted on the river side of the drive only
  • Do not park on the grass.
  • Do not park on the opposite side of the drive.
  • Do not parallel park.
  • Do not leave your car parked on Kelly Drive beyond one hour after the last race.
  • All of these actions will result in parking tickets or towing of your vehicle.

In order to continue the long-standing tradition of parent involvement in local high school regattas, the PSRA has contracted for additional parking, available in Fairmount Park by following the Kelly Drive detour. Monitored parking will cost $12 per day.

PSRA has contracted with a bus company to provide a shuttle from the parking lots to the Canoe Club and the Grand Stands. Buses are anticipated to run every 15-25 minutes (depending on traffic) from approximately 8 a.m. until sometime after the last race.

Handicapped Parking: Spaces are reserved for those cars with handicapped tags near the Grandstands. A handicapped vehicle must have BOTH a PSRA parking pass and a handicapped tag to enter the Drive.

Who does NOT need a pass:

  • Boat trailers and the towing vehicle
  • School buses – must park south of the Columbia Bridge
  • School vans – must park south of the Columbia Bridge

Trailers towed to a race with food stuffs, tents etc will only be admitted to the event if pulled by a vehicle with a pass. Two parking passes will be needed for these food trailers and their towing vehicles because they take up two parking spaces.

Golf cart transports are available at the entrance to assist in the movement of items to parent tents.

Buses should drop rowers off and then proceed up to paid parking where they can park at no charge or park on the non-river side of the drive past Columbia Bridge. All boat trailers must be parked in the Gillin Boathouse lot near Strawberry Mansion Bridge. Volunteers will be there to assist in the parking.


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